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Even a short walk or a short drive can be stressful in the heat of the day and so to have amenities for entertainment, relaxation and recreation on your doorstep is not only convenient but also necessary for an ultimate lifestyle of luxury and comfort. To ensure that Shang Salcedo Place residents could enjoy that lifestyle the developers included in their plans the following amenities available for residents to conveniently use without any element of stress:

  • Adult’s Swimming Pool – A generous sized adult’s, infinity swimming pool is available in the tower’s grounds which allows residents to cool off and relax without the hassle of confronting the busy streets
  • Children’s Swimming Pool – The availability of a separate swimming pool for children means that they can enjoy themselves without annoying adults relaxing by their pool or braving the dangerous streets
  • Podium Garden – Any garden area provides tranquility and peace for when it may be needed but the residents of Shang Salcedo Place can do more than relax in their garden area as it is includes a children’s play area and a BBQ area, ideal for family fun outside the residential unit but still within the safety of the building’s complex
  • Gymnasium – Often people will travel miles in order to take advantage of the equipment available in a fully equipped gym  but residents of Shang Salcedo Place have the convenience of a fully equipped gymnasium and fitness room, right on their doorstep, just an elevator’s ride away
  • Male and Female Changing Room with Lockers – Even if they want to follow a rigorous work out in the gym with a cooling swim in the pool, with the availability of changing rooms and lockers, Shang Salcedo Place residents do not even have to go back to their units to change, they just go from one to the other
  • Children’s Indoor Play Area with Toilets – Sometimes parents prefer to only let their children play inside and so the choice of both an outside and inside play area ensures that there is always somewhere the children can play in safety, away from the hazards the streets can sometimes offer
  • Jogging Path – Jogging has become a very popular way of staying in shape and so the availability of its own jogging track allows residents to jog in safety and not along the side of the busy streets
  • Multi-Purpose Games Room – This allows another area where family fun can be enjoyed outside of the residential unit but this time inside the building
  • Function Room with Pantry Area – This is a great amenity for those professionals that want to host a business meeting or office social as they have no worries about finding a suitable venue or their own transport, plus it is excellent for family reunions

Other amenities available to Shang Salcedo Place residents are air conditioning, CCTV cameras for security and Wi-Fi in all public areas.


  • Gym
  • Exercise Room
  • Male and Female Changing Room with Saunas
  • Children's Play Area
  • Multi-purpose Game Rooms
  • Two Convertible Function Rooms that can Accommodate Over 100 Persons.


  • Adult and Kid Sized Swimming Pools
  • Podium Garden with Outdoor Children's Play Area
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