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Shang Salcedo Place is situated at the heart of Makati CBD. This residence is nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Salcedo Village bounded byu Ayala Avenue, Buendia Road, or Paseo de Roxas roads. These roads lead to other main thoroughfares such as EDSA, making the condominium accessible from all points. So on foot or by car, reaching this haven is always a welcome activity after a long day at work.

Makati Central Business District (CBD) is one of the best places in Metro Manila. Because of its prime location, Shang Salcedo Place has access to comfort and conveniences that Makati has to offer. Business establishments are nearby, as well as academic institutions such as Ateneo Graduate School and FEU-Makati. Just across Ayala is the Makati Medical Center. Restaurants, cafes and bars surround the premises. Shopping is always a pleasure with Glorietta and Greenbelt malls lying just a few blocks away.

Makati is one of the Philippines busiest business areas but is also surrounded by many other CBDs which require a growing workforce of young professionals. With the population of the city multiplying three fold during the working day, it means that two thirds of that workforce has to battle a busy commute to work each and every day, sometimes from many miles away. The one third which is fortunate enough to live as well as work in Makati are able to enjoy several hours more relaxation per day than the others and are already less stressed due to a short commute, sometimes within walking distance.

The residents of Shang Salcedo Place will count among those that are less stressed and have more leisure time but to add to that is the fact that all other facilities they may need are also close to the residential building, many within less than a kilometer and those include:


  • Jazz Mall - 0.29 km
  • Tambunting - 0.30 km
  • King of Travel - 0.31 km
  • Biomedica - 0.36 km
  • Shelter - 0.36 km


There are in all 184 different restaurants within a 1km radius of Shang Salcedo Place, some of the more popular ones being:

  • Malcolms - 0.09 km
  • Heavens Barbeque - 0.16 km
  • Happy Cream Puff - 0.18 km
  • Chocolate Fire - 0.18 km
  • Stoops - 0.19 km


Education is very important and there are 11 schools within 1km of Shang Salcedo Place and they include:

  • Spurgeon School Foundation - 0.08 km
  • Lyceum of the Philippines College of Law - 0.14 km
  • Ateneo Professional Schools - 0.16 km
  • Mapua IT Center - 0.16 km
  • Apple Seed Montessori - 0.34 km


In case of emergencies it is always good to know that there is professional help nearby and within a 1km radius of Shang Salcedo Place there are 8 medical facilities including:

  • Supercare Medical Services Incorporated Makati Branch - 0.18 km
  • FortMED Medical Clinic - 0.28 km
  • Barangay BelAir Health Office - 0.31 km
  • Caraderme - 0.63 km
  • Makati Medical Center - 0.63 km


The diversity of cultures that big business attracts means that the professionals may be of various religions and the variety of religious facilities, 7 in all, around  Shang Salcedo Place identifies and caters to those diversities including among them:

  • Beit Yaacov Synagogue – 0.44kms
  • Saint George Creek Orthodox Chapel – 0.49kms
  • International Baptist Church of Manila – 0.07kms

Of course though, with Makati being in the heart of the Metro Manila Region, nothing that the great metropolis has to offer is far from Shang Salcedo Place including Manila’s International Airport. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila’s largest airport with flights to cities throughout South East Asia and the World, is only a 20 minute drive away.

Although all these facilities are within easy reach for Shang Salcedo Place residents, the developers wanted that most should not have to leave the luxury of their building and surrounds for many of the popular amenities associated with a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle, and so they included most of those amenities into the residential project.

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